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Estes, Madden, and Summers v. Bureau of Prisons    Complaint   |   Opinion   |   Judgement   

U.S.  v.  Ridgeway

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U.S.  v.  McDaniel

Motion for Discovery  pdf  |  wpd  |  doc
Blakely Documents
Blakely v. Washington pdf | wpd
Sample Sentencing Memo pdf | doc
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Pinargote Supplemental Brief pdf | wpd
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Significant sentencing provisions of the
Amber Alert bill & Feeney/Hatch/Sensenbrenner conference

If you have a case that illustrates the value and importance of departure decisions, please send a summary or citation to NACDL's Legislative Director, Kyle O'Dowd ( Such examples will be collected to counter DOJ demands that the Sentencing Commission eliminate any remaining judicial discretion under the Sentencing Guidelines.
For more information, click the following link to the NACDL's "Save Downward Departues" web-page.

  Sec.401 Sentencing Reform   3742. Review of a sentence
  991. U.S.S.C.; establishment and purposes   3E1.1. Acceptance of Responsibility
  3553. Imposition of a sentence   5H1.1 - PART H - SPECIFIC OFFENDER CHARACTERISTICS
  Statement of Senator Kennedy on S. 151